Sex Therapy

Sexual Consultation

The sexual consultation is an opportunity for you to meet with me in a casual, yet platonic, setting for the purpose of discussing your sexual concerns. These type of sessions are individually tailored to your own issues which can range from personal matters such as erectile dysfunction; couples issues such as performance concerns; sexual identity matters such as gender confusion. This session allows for the confidential sharing of sexual personal and interpersonal matters in a safe and non-judgemental space. This is also a non-clinical and informal experience which allows for cuddling and human touch. Often times, I will prescribe sexual therapy (which can be administered by me in a follow-up sexual therapy session) or advice and/or tasks that you can follow in your daily life. I will also be able to recommend introductory BDSM activities if I deem that you will benefit from The BDSM Experience.

Mostly, this type of session is talk therapy, and what I have come to discover is that many men are literally starved of this type of candid communication on deeply personal matters. I administer my own personal (unprofessional) wisdom based on maturity, intuition, intelligence, and psychological clinical training. I am the perfect mental (and physical) respite for your busy and challenging life.

Sexual Therapy

After determining what type of experience you are looking for, I will recommend the appropriate therapy – usually a combination of talk + intimacy. All new clients must book an extended session so that we are able to have this introductory conversation which allows for deeper communication and session bonding. I do not like to feel rushed in getting to know you, nor should you feel rushed by me. All new clients must book a minimum one and a half hour session, to allow for this extra bonding time. During this time you will have an opportunity to chat with me about yourself and what brings you to see me, and in return, I am available to answer any questions that you may have for me. I am a natural empath and a compassion listener.

The Role Play Experience

One of my specialties is bringing your fantasy role play scenario to life. This type of session is a great way to break down the barriers that initially exist between the consultant and a new client so that the outside world (and the roles that we play in it), are suspended for the duration of our time together. This is a liberating experience which generally leads to laughter and fun. Who doesn’t need more laughter and fun these days? Book The Role Play Experience and find out.

The Girlfriend Experience

This session has a minimum time requirement of two hours which I believe is necessary so that we may have more time to explore the true meaning of a girlfriend experience. I love to chat and get to know my clients, so be prepared for a full mind, body, and spirit connection.

The Dinner (or breakfast or lunch) Date

We all need sustenance and an extended, four hour dinner + intimacy date is the perfect way to satisfy our appetites. Be prepared to chat because I have a wealth of knowledge on many topics and a genuine desire to get to know my clients on a deep and personal level. However, be forewarned, I am addictive and for that reason I do not offer over-nights. You will have to say good-night to me at midnight, and book another visit.

The Shopping Excursion

This is a glorious opportunity for a generous admirer to contribute to myย  wardrobe. This shopping excursion can provide the look for a photo shoot, bringing your fantasy images of me to life.

For those who would like to contribute to my wardrobe by gift card, here are my sizes:

Height: 5’5″

Bust: 32 DDD (or E)

Waist: 21″ (size extra small or zero)

Foot: 5.5/35.5 (in Louboutin, size 34)

The Astrological Consultation

As a certified Astrologer I offer a natal birth chart reading to those who are interested, and only to those who are certain of their birth time. This reading is an interpretation of the astrological meaning behind the unique placement of the major planets (including the sun) at the exact moment of your birth, and the related energies and potentialities that are a part of your life.

This reading is not a forecasting of your future life events, but a snapshot of the moment of your birth and an explanation of the energies that have guided you since then. This type of reading can help clarify (to yourself) who you are – as opposed to who others think you are or who you may think you need to be for others.

Specifically, an astrological natal chart reading can help you see if you are living up to your own greatest potential or if you are trying to fit into the mold created for you by others, or one that you have mistakenly created for yourself.

This astrological reading can be added to one of your sessions (at the beginning) or is offered alone (by phone session).

The Fly Me To You Experience

I am available to visit you in Canada, the USA, or Europe. Please contact me by email for a quote.

All expenses related to travel are additional to my time compensation and must be paid in full at the time of booking.

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