Joline is an exceptional woman. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is a 50, a perfect combination of beauty, sex appeal, and warmth. Scheduling and verification through P411 was a breeze. Upon arrival we chatted about our interests and continued with an amazing combination of vanilla and kink. She is now my ATF and I plan to see her again and again when she tours the Washington DC area. Gentlemen, don't miss the opportunity to session with her when she visits your city. You will be so glad that you did.

Joline is a beautiful, articulate, mature companion. I was first struck by the fact that she looks years younger than her advised age. But it was her mind that I found captivating. She is currently studying for her doctorate and has an insight into human behaviour that is quite rare. We talked a bit before we engaged in any intimacy which really helped to make me feel comfortable. If you have the opportunity to meet with her, do not hesitate to reach out for an appointment. You will not be disappointed, especially if you prefer a mature, experienced companion that in my opinion far exceeds younger providers.

I contacted Joline via email (this was my preference, but she accepts phone as well). I told her about what I was looking for specifically and she was incredibly accommodating and understanding. Communication was very easy and hassle free to set up an appointment. When we met she was very kind and easy going, really felt comfortable being around her. Not only is she beautiful but she is also a very intelligent and thoughtful person. She has a very real sincere aura about her. She was a pleasure and really in some ways an enlightening woman to meet and I hope our paths cross again. I really felt I found what I was looking for with her.

I have met with Queen Joline before in person, but this time I decided to avail of the phone service she offers. Everything was easy to set up, punctual, and exactly as I expected. I was asked all about what I wanted and QJ took the time to construct a perfect scene to match my desires. I had an amzaing time and would definitely go back again.

Joline is fantastic and I'm already looking forward to her next visit next month. She is definitely one of my ATF. No doubt, I'll be seeing her many times. She is sexy, mature, experienced, sensual, and erotic. She shows genuine compassion and really enjoys herself. Nothing mechanical about it with her.

I had a truly delightful, deep and enlightening experience with Joline. I want to thank her for listening to me and giving great advice which I intend to use immediately. I think she is a master at what she does and is going to make a great psychologist. She is a wonderful genuine person which is always good to find in this world.

I want to thank you for your time and expertise today, helping me understand my natal chart. It was a great discussion that flew by so quickly. I wished later that I had recorded our conversation. I feel like there is so much more to be learned about me from understanding this chart .

I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude, not only for the time you've afforded me, but the tremendous insights you've given me during our two phone calls. I feel a very high level of trust talking with you and that really says something. I know I am a very intuitive person and when something doesn't feel right or situations don't feel right I follow that intuition. 99% of the time I am correct. In this case my intuition about you, the trust we've built and the knowledge and insights you've shared is very high and I feel exceptionally comfortable working with you. Its not easy talking about the issues I've shared with you. Your voice, as well as the tenor of your knowledge and responses are very comforting. It has allowed me to develop a strong level of trust in you. That is amazing from someone I have never been in the presence of or met face to face. The overall context that you give me by using my natal chart as a basis for understanding my actions, fears and aspirations has been very eye opening and revelatory.